Are you in search of a premium massage chair but confused about which one is the best massagerelax for you? Look no further than the Daiwa Legend Massage Chair and the Real Relax Massage Chair, two prominent options each with their distinct advantages and benefits. In this discourse, we shall scrutinise both chairs to provide insight into which one will suit you better.

Overview of the Daiwa Legend Massage Chair

The Daiwa Legend Massage Chair epitomises luxury and opulence. One of the standout features of this chair is its zero gravity positioning, which equally distributes your weight across the chair, reducing pressure on your spinal cord, enabling the body to relax entirely. Furthermore, the chair's advanced roller system closely replicates a professional masseuse's hand movements, providing a dignified massage experience in the comfort of your home. The Daiwa Legend comes with various massage modes and intensity levels, allowing a personalised massage experience.

The heat therapy feature is an added bonus, primarily during the cold season, warm heat targets specific body parts, aiding muscle relaxation.


Overview of the Real Relax Massage Chair

The Real Relax Massage Chair is a budget-friendly alternative to the Daiwa Legend, with a plethora of fantastic features. It shares similar features such as zero gravity positioning, air compression massage, and heat therapy. However, its design is less complex and has fewer features compared to the Daiwa Legend.

The Real Relax's zero gravity positioning is designed to alleviate pressure on the spinal cord, similar to the Daiwa Legend. The air compression massage uses small airbags to deliver a gentle massage, targeting specific areas of the body. Meanwhile, the heat therapy feature assists in reducing tension and muscle soreness.


    Head to Head Comparison

    Examining both chairs' features, let us compare their benefits.

    Design and Features

    Regarding design and features, the Daiwa Legend outperforms the Real Relax. Its advanced roller system and touch screen remote control make it a versatile and customisable massage experience. The Real Relax has a simpler design and fewer features; although it possesses zero gravity positioning, air compression massage, and heat therapy, it doesn't offer the same level of customisation as the Daiwa Legend.

    The Daiwa Legend proves to be an excellent pick for a personalised massage experience, while the Real Relax provides comfort with a simpler massage experience.

    Comfort and Massage Experience

    Both chairs provide a comfortable massage experience. Still, the Daiwa Legend gives an intensive massage experience due to its advanced roller system compared to Real Relax's gentleness with air compression massage.

    Personal preference is essential when choosing a massage chair. Some individuals may opt for a gentler massage experience, while others prefer a stronger massage. It is crucial to deliberate on your needs before picking a massage chair.


    The Real Relax is the more cost-effective choice compared to the Daiwa Legend with its advanced features commanding a higher price. While some may opt for affordability, others may deem the customisation options of the Daiwa Legend necessary for their massage experience.


    The Daiwa Legend Massage Chair and the Real Relax Massage Chair are both exceptional options for anyone seeking a quality massage chair. Ultimately, Real Relax Favor-03 ADV the choice of chair entirely depends on what you're seeking in a massage chair. For a fully customisable and intensive massage experience, the Daiwa Legend is an ideal choice. But for an affordable massage chair that still offers comfort and a great massage experience, the Real Relax is an excellent option.